Fashion Review Caramel Rock’s Fashion Show

The 2015 annual fashion show took place at the Caramel Rock studio this Christmas season. With loads of work and preparation put in made the fashion show worth it. The day started off with more rehearsal, preparation and last minute touch up which included getting the models ready with their hair and makeover. The hard work put in by the BTEC students was beautifully laid out for exhibition and the aroma coming from the light refreshments prepared for the guests evaporated in the atmosphere.

The day took off as the guests arrived in their numbers, networked and helped themselves to the delicious refreshments. Background music filled the studio as the show kicked off. Welcome speech and Introduction was done by the proud BTEC teacher. Next was a speech by the chairman of Caramel Rock giving a brief talk about the success of Caramel Rock and why people should keep supporting this great project. The fashion show was finally opened and the first look/collection was the students work. Inspiration of their creativity came from their cultures and nature which was displayed through their casual look/design on the beautiful models. Indeed the hard work put in by the students paid off.

The second, third and fourth look was that of the staff designs. The second look can be seen as an urban and sporty collections. Its vibrant colours and design demonstrate how the designer was inspired in this postmodern world.

The third and fourth collections by the staff was culturally inspired. The third look was from the Asian culture, it beautiful pattern like a box print can be worn as a casual outfit especially doing the summer.

With the fourth collection by the hardworking staff of Caramel Rock. The collection was neatly sew and done. The shape and vibrant fabrics was inspired and combined from the African and western cultures. This made the look stand out.

The final collection for the day was by the alumni students of Caramel Rock. This look was very colourful. This makes one want to wish summer was here. Everything about the last collection style and design was nicely done. Indeed it shows how good Caramel Rock instil in their students to bring the best out of them.

By Caramel Rock Team


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