The Power of The Colour Black

Why black clothing is important or a must have colour. Writing about it mainly because I can relate to having a black outfit as one of my favourite colours in my closet. We all have or at least most of us have a black outfit.

One is never over-or under-dressed with a little black dress~Karl

Lagerfeld. This statement shows the significant of having a little black dress in your wardrobe/closet as you will never know when you will need it either for a smart or casual event. It all depends how you style it! Though the quote may only focus on a little black dress, the purpose of the blog is to demonstrate how important it is to have a black outfit, as this remains a fashion must have:due to its many benefits (3 main points) which will be explored later on in the post.

Have you ever been in a dilemma of what to wear and a black outfit was

the only solution? Well I have. Thanks to the colour black for saving the day once again:the answer to every ‘what should I wear?’ Personally, I wouldn’t know what to do if there wasn’t a black outfit or even a black shoe wear as part of my fashion collection. This is because black is versatile so you can either dress it down or up that emphasises my agreement with our opening quote. Indeed, little black dress never changes.

In addition to the colour black being versatile, its neutrality power makes it very handy to accessorised it with any colour. Whether be a bright popping colour or a calm colour, it will still bring out the best of the black clothing. For example, all black with a pop of a red purse as an accessory is still chic.

Likewise, having a black clothing makes it easier to style and pair with fine and customised jewellery due to its high contrast background it gives. Therefore, accessorising black is simple and elegant.

To conclude though black was formally used as a mourning clothing, changes in the fashion industry eg. Coco Chanel has made a significant impact in the original purpose of black clothing. The benefits of wearing black such as the power of its neutrality, is the answer to what to wear any day or any occasion and its versatility demonstrate how powerful the colour black is.

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