Visual storytelling

Visual stories aren’t a new phenomenon. They’ve been floating around the digital space for quite some time now. We see visual stories in music videos, through the pages of Vogue magazine and the latest blockbuster film. We can’t help but consume these stories every time an advert comes on our tv screens or whilst we search for Chanel’s latest campaign video online.

So how do visual stories help us make sense of the fashion industry?

Well for one it seems like now is a very exciting time for the fashion and creative industry as a whole. We’re seeing musicians release visual albums, bloggers turning into creative directors, the runway being a place to experiment with new bold ideas and and we’re see creativity circulate the atmosphere like never before.

Take for example singer, songwriter Solange Knowles who released her album ‘A seat a table’ last week. She creates an album that discusses the complex and personal issues of being a black woman in 21st century America. She merges music with fashion, embeds historical narratives of her cultural heritage and does so seamlessly. What really amazed me in this body of work was how she was able to fuse the world of fashion and music and create an authentic expression of herself in the process.

And that’s the next step for fashion houses when embarking on new campaigns and short films. We’re looking for fashion houses that can spark conversation and discuss relevant and significant topics through visual media. Fashion houses that can integrate fashion with the art of storytelling and ultimately say something meaningful through their fashion campaigns other than why we need to buy another pair of distressed jeans.

After all stories have the power to be passed on from generation to generation. We can still vividly remember Coco Chanel and her influence on women’s fashion. We still remember her story and how she represented female liberation and encouraged women to express themselves fearlessly through style. And I wish we could see more stories like hers circulated in the fashion industry. To see more fashion campaigns go beyond the superficial value of clothes and discuss issues we can all relate to would mean they’re heading in the right direction.

So in the spirit of visual storytelling here are a few fashion campaigns and short films I’ve loved purely for their ability to narrate stories we can all connect with.

  1. ‘The Door’ Miu Miu showcasing Women’s Tales #5

2. Karl Lagerfeld ‘The return’

3. ‘Love Yourself’: A short fashion film starring Ryan Corr and Sophie Lowe

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