The rise of the Creative Director

It seems everywhere I turn these days I see someone update their Instagram or Twitter bio from blogger to creative director, creative consultant or something along the lines of creating or directing. And don’t get me wrong that’s a great thing. It’s great to see this generation spark creativity, innovation and inspire an unconventional route to landing their dream jobs in ways we couldn’t have even dared think about a decade ago. Who would have ever thought of starting a blog with the hopes of working alongside the likes of Calvin Klein, Burberry or L’oreal. Couldn’t imagine it? Neither could I.

Let’s look at fashion bloggers for a moment. Until about a few years ago they were as mysterious as mythical sea creatures. No one knew what to make of their appearance on the fashion scene. And better yet no one could have anticipated the amount of influence and involvement they’d have on the fashion industry today.

We’ve seen so many bloggers navigate their way into the fashion scene and create a name for themselves and now they’re creative directors to some of the most successful fashion houses in the world. They’re now working alongside the names they used to write about in the comfort of their own homes whilst sipping on early grey tea and typing away on their laptops. They’ve gone from anonymous bloggers to directing shoots, creating storyboards and consulting the most influential fashion houses. Now that’s something.

Long gone are the days for conventional thinking especially at a time where society applauds those that are forward thinking. And with a fashion industry that never sleeps we’ll continue to keep seeing new faces and new creative directors contribute to the world of fashion.

That’s why I’m excited to share some creative projects from Margaret Zhang, one of our favourite bloggers/ writer and creative director. I hope you find her work as inspiring as we do.

Margaret Zhang’s video for The Fashion Project

A short fashion film directed by Margaret Zhang



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