We need your help

We need your help and support to raise money for our charity towards all our community work we do. We’re raising £3,000 to help fund fashion, art and design classes for young people as well as mental support and personal development programmes to support the young people that come through our doors.

With a new year comes new goals to reach more young people in our community and cater classes that will help support, enrich and give them hope of a better tomorrow. We’ve been working with young people from the very beginning and we’ve seen so many lives change with our help and guidance. No two stories are ever the same here at Caramel Rock and to be apart of their success story makes it all the more worthwhile for us.

Starting Caramel Rock has given us the opportunity to mentor some incredible individuals that have found themselves in some very unfortunate circumstances. Some have suffered from drug abuse, others from homelessness, or exclusion from school. And though all their stories are different the one thing they’re all looking for is a place they can be themselves and find a sense of belonging and acceptance. And for our young people Caramel Rock is that place. By providing fashion classes, events and job opportunities we’ve inspired so many young people to think about their future and take the relevant steps to get there.

We’ve seen so much growth amongst our young people but the best is yet to come and this year we hope to connect with more young people looking for guidance and a step into the fashion industry. So please show your support by sharing our just giving site https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/caramel-rock across social media. We appreciate all your efforts and comments and we look forward to inspiring more young people with our campaign.

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