London Sadfest Film Festival 2017

If the Oscars have told us anything this year it has to be that personal, touching stories sprinkled with a hint of sadness always win. They’re stories that mean something to us because ultimately they’re stories that help us make sense of our own lives. They’re stories we’re most drawn to. Because it lets us know that sad moments happen to everyone, they’re part of everyone’s life long journey. It’s just a thing of life.

The fact that we can all relate to sad films is what convinced Festival organiser, Steve Todd, to create the London Sadfest into a film festival purely dedicated to talking about and exploring sad films that highlight the beauty of human relationship, the hardships we face yet the strength that we find through our personal story once we’ve triumphed and persevered through the initial pain of sadness.

The film festival which launches this Friday 3rd March at 6pm at the Genesis Cinema in Mile End will run until Sunday evening. The first film to open the festival is The Elephant Man by David Lynch with Kes directed by Ken Loach and ‘In the mood for love’, a Hong-Kong film directed by Wong Kar-Wai showing on Saturday. And on Sunday Sophie’s choice directed by Alan J. Pakula and Precious Directed by Lee Daniels will end the three day long film festival. The festival is also set to have live music, DJ’s, poets, film speakers as well as dedicated time to mingle, drink and socialise with guests at the festival. So what’s not to love.

This film festival is the first of its kind and it really celebrates those personal stories that often leave an impression on us. So why not come along and join fellow film enthusiasts as we all wipe our eyes at the sad scenes, pass down boxes of kleenex tissues and experience a full on emotional rollercoaster.

You can purchase tickets here for the London Sadfest Film festival

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