« THE TEN » Off-White x Nike Design by Virgil Abloh

« THE TEN » 

Off-White x Nike

Design by Virgil Abloh 



The idea with this collection was to revisit the classics of all brands belonging to Nike.Inc namely Nike, Jordan, and Converse without denaturing them. That’s why Nike turned to Virgil Abloh. His role has been to bring novelty and creativity. He designed this collection with the expression of a postmodern idea about design, culture, innovation and athletic performance. According to him “a young generation possesses ideas that an older generation can now learn from in any genre, whether it’s art, fashion, architecture, music.”


To celebrate the iconography of the shoe without damaging its aesthetic Virgil has resorted to the one practice called reduction and elimination. Once this step is completed the rest of the work is done by hand. This allows for the true expression of the designer’s creativity and makes the model more authentic. According to Virgil, it also allows for mistakes and expression. On some models, a “ghost” effect has been added to give an external transparent layer. The goal is to make the structure of the shoe visible, highlighting its very technical side.


This is the first time that all brands of the Nike.Inc family are together and it is a plebiscite. The models sold-out in minutes. Prices for the resale collection have reached new heights as some models sell for more than $ 1,000. All great sportsmen, artists, celebrities and influential people in the world of fashion must own a pair. It’s a must-have. Nike and Virgil Abloh accomplished their mission because they managed to mark an era with a collection that breaks the codes while respecting the classics.

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