Spring/Summer 2019 Makeup: What to expect

By Teena Francis

During fashion week, we constantly discover creative trends that grace the catwalk – both in fashion and in particular makeup. This seasons look will see a lot of artists create depth and drama which focuses on the eyes using deep, rich and earthy tones balanced with a nude lip for a greater effect. Some may say that this is more of a transitional autumnal finish to the face however with the season of spring pacing through, nude lips are very versatile. Soft liners or no liners are a go to thing where definition of the lip contours can naturally stand out on their own.

Electric pops of colour and a little foil finishes will also be seen, adding the finishing touch to a look to bring it to life. For that soft nude lip, try using Rimmel’s Cappuccino lip liner which you can get in local drugstores or MAC’s Soar if your budget stretches a little further. I use these to fill my lips in fully before adding my choice of lipstick or gloss on to for effect. Additionally, for the eyes, try to build your kit around versatile palettes that enable you to have multiple looks without the price tag.

By this I mean, use a palette that incorporates colours that can be used on eyes, lips and cheeks alike. This is what I call my multi palette and one I highly recommend you have. There are lots of brands that offer custom ‘create your own’ palettes where you can determine exactly what you want to use and pay for. A few brands to visit for this would be MAC, Inglot, Smashbox, Revolution (Superdrug) and larger Boots stores for their CYO range. There is definitely something out there for everyone, no matter the budget or style you have.

Featured image: Harper’s Bazaar S/S 2019

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