The Beauty Industry vs. COVID-19

With the ever-changing times we’re now facing, nothing seems certain. What was once familiar now seems alarmingly confusing to many if not all of us. COVID-19 (or Corona Virus) has changed lives overnight. Stores, professions, livelihoods are not what they once were. So, it makes you wonder how each industry has been impacted, right? Well, one thing for sure is as the frontline key workers fight to change lives and help save families from saying goodbye to loved ones or going without, other business had to close their doors. Any face to face contact has now been suspended, until further notice.

A large industry which has been the prime focus for the longest time is the beauty industry. The days of popping into a department store or makeup outlet to get your beauty supplies or makeup done, is now not possible. This is to minimize the spread of the virus that is forever changing the impact of one of the largest economical injectors. Over 28 billion pounds was contributed to the nation’s economy last year alone. So how does this change the beauty perspective? Well, social media networks have had an alarmingly high rate of viewers (as staying at home now is crucial).

Influencers are still pushing ads for the latest trending beauty – whether that is from a new mascara launching or to the best home-made DIY lip scrub. Those platforms that draw the attention of most are finally teaching viewers to make do with things found at home – who knew sugar and honey would save you £15 on a lip scrub knowing you can make it yourself? Don’t get me wrong, on the other side of this, businesses will definitely push for growth but for now, as with most companies – ecommerce and online retail will be the way forward.

By Teena Labeeb

Instagram: @_justteena_


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